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After experiencing discrimination and neglect in our own pregnancies we decided that it was time for our mothers to take control over our self care because we are not able to depend on the current healthcare systems to do it. Our Mission is to support each other during our maternal health journeys, regardless of outcomes. Women of color have the highest maternal complications starting from puberty into menopause. Many of the complications that we encounter are preventable with proper monitioring and support. We are here to support you during your journeys. We have a special collection for our women who have experienced a miscarriage or loss of a child.


We Promote Healing through Selfcare and Natural Healing. Women of Color have the Highest stress rates in the world which contributes too many health complications, such as high blood pressure, strokes, insomnia, and suppressing our reproductive system. Here at, SHE, we want to ensure you are taking care of your inside just as much as you take care of your outside.

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We deserve to be seen, we deserve to be loved and most importantly we deserve to be heard. We represent women who have lost their voices through abuse, bullying, discrimination, misogynist and any other forms of oppression used to dim our lights. 

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