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SHE Support Heal Empower, is a platform created to represent women of color during our reproductive health journeys. Our women face the greatest medical risk before, during, and after pregnancies, yet we are one of the least supported groups in healthcare systems around the world. Due to systematic discrimination many of our needs go unseen, untreated, and unmet which leads to several medical and social complications that are preventable.  This platform is to represent every woman of color around the world. We encourage you to feel beautiful, supported, protected and most importantly, heard.

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A Brand Dedicated To Pampering Melanin Mothers

A Postpartum Collection geared towards catering to mothers of flavor to promote relaxation and healing.

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Mama Latte is a postpartum collection designed to give you love and pampering. At a time when the attention is all on the baby, we created products that were made to put the attention on you.


Your skin will glow, your tummy will be tight

We even have a product for your eyes at night.

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