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Because Moms Need Pampering too

MAMA LATTE is a postpartum collection created to promote self-relaxation and natural healing for our mothers of color following a pregnancy REGARDLESS of outcome. We incorporated the concept of coffee because of the relaxing and soothing effect it has on those who indulge in it. Like coffee, our mothers come in different shades with different layers. Lattes are the most sought out coffee drink so naturally we created a brand where our women are placed first. Mama Latte is about me, you, and all our sisters worldwide who deserve  pampering, care, and attention after our bodies go through changes. If we can't receive this treatment by others, we can treat ourselves. Enjoy Ladies!!



Relaxing, Calming,& Stylish 

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"She agreed to love herself deeply. She was finally the sun of her own life.”


- Juansen Dizon

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