Maternal Care in The Gambia

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Since 2020, we have made it our mission to provide personal hygiene kits for women in need. Through volunteering and donations, we have made over 200+ kits so women can take care of their hygienic needs during their menstrual cycles as well as their postpartum journeys. Our kits include pads, wipes, socks, tampons, compression wraps ect. 

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In recent years, SHE has partnered with maternal-health organizations in The Gambia to assist in providing women and mothers with personal hygiene items. Using proceeds from our sales we donate postpartum and menstrual kits for women following delivery to ensure basic needs are provided in motherhood. 


*More than one-third of Gambians living on less than $1.25 per day, many people are unable to get access to good healthcare because of the cost. "


*73% of deaths occurred in the postpartum period and hemorrhage remained the consistent common cause


The Lack of Blood, anti-hypertensive medications, transportation and/or antibiotics,  contributes to the high Maternal Health Rate